Your Guide to Saratoga Race Course, 2014

clubhouse betting windows and tote boardDay after day, week after week Saratoga attracts what few racing meets do: a big crowd every day. Arguably the most popular racing meet in the country, Saratoga appeals the casual fan and the serious gambler, to families and crowds of friends out for a day of socializing and gambling.

Though little of Saratoga remains from that first 1864 season at the intersection of East and Union Avenues, visitors to the track will see and sit in the 1892 grandstand and walk among buildings more than 100 years old. The grandstand and clubhouse, the most recent addition to which was constructed in 1965, are open air and lack air-conditioning, a boon on a perfect Adirondack afternoon, a curse on the steamy days for which Saratoga is famous.

Racing’s royalty – through pedigree or wealth – populate the small, wooden clubhouse boxes; clubhouse and grandstand seats are also available. Those who care more about comfort than racing can rent one of the few luxury suites, air-conditioned and situated on the first turn.

Though no shortage of people get dressed up to “go racing” at Saratoga, the vibe is decidedly casual; shorts are as ubiquitous as heels, and the Old Spa welcomes both the scions of racing families and the rookies who aren’t sure where the finish line is.

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