Time To Add The Horses: Kentucky Derby Charity League, Round II

It’s that time: time to try to bolster your lead or make a move on the leader by adding a couple of horses to your charity league stable.

Najja and Brian Hoffacker dueled on the front end before ceding the lead to last year’s winner John Perotti and a hard-charging Kay Marie Patterson.  Alan Denkenson looms boldly. (Leaderboard)

As indicated when we got started last month, you can add one Group D and one Group E horse to your stable. I think I’m going to have to get pretty chalky if I want to make a move this year.

You can find the leaderboard, the stable lists, and the horse groupings here; your stables need to be updated by this Friday at 6pm Eastern time. Please post your picks in the comments below or on Twitter, tagging @BklynBckstretch & @MikeDorr77.

For your convenience (groups are also listed on the league spreadsheet):

Group D:  American Pharoah, Carpe Diem, Dortmund, International Star, El Kabeir, Firing Line, Upstart, Itsaknockout, War Story, Prospect Park, Dubai Sky, Far Righ.

Group E:  Conquest Typhoon, Madefromlucky, Far From Over, Ami’s Flatter, Bold Conuest, Mr Z, Frosted, Classy Class, Keen Ice, The Truth or Else, Ocho Ocho Ocho, Daredevil plus all others

Thanks to those of you have already sent in pledge money, and no worries if you haven’t. You can wait until we have a winner and send me a check that’s made out to the charity’s name, so that I can send all the checks in together; you can also send me a blank check now (if you’re comfortable doing that) and I’ll fill in the charity’s name later. This way, you know where the money goes, and you get the tax deduction.

Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail (contact info here) with any questions…Good luck!

33 thoughts on “Time To Add The Horses: Kentucky Derby Charity League, Round II

  1. Adding at players’ request:

    Mark Hennig: Dortmund, Far From Over

    Jesse Hearin: Dortmund, Far From Over

    Mikey: Dortmund, Firing Line

    Rogue Apostrophe: American Pharoah, Far From Over

    Alan Denkenson: American Pharoah, Far From Over

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