With ResQWalk, Contribute to Animal Rescue Without Spending A Cent

adoptable catWant to contribute to #GivingTuesday without spending a cent? Download the re-designed ResQWalk app and hit the pavement.

First launched in 2014, ResQWalk capitalizes on increased awareness of animal welfare and the popularity of fitness wearables, combining the two with corporate sponsorship to make steps count towards donations to the animal rescue organizations of the user’s choice.

ResQWalk was created by Bailey Schroeder, a former assistant vice president at Barclays Capital who left the finance industry to focus on animal welfare issues. Initially funded by a $20,000 Indiegogo campaign, ResQWalk’s donations are currently sponsored in part by Kong, which makes proprietary rubber chew toys for dogs, and in part byResQThreads, a clothing line launched by Schroeder several years ago to raise money for animal rescue.

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