Saratoga opening weekend: smiles and suggestions

Opening weekend at Saratoga brought many reasons to smile, not the least of which were two terrific stakes races in the Diana and the Coaching Club American Oaks. The blanket, competitive finish in the Diana contrasted with Songbird’s romp in the CCAO, each stirring the racing fan’s heart in its own way.

Pleasing, too, is the new escalator, not only because after two years, it seems to be working consistently, but because of the attention given to the new structure and its recognition of the history of Saratoga Race Course. The wood and copper enclosure is a big improvement on the candy-striped awning that used to stand there, and the molding on each side displays the logo of the Saratoga Association, founded in 1864 to run the track and dismantled in 1955 when the New York Racing Association was born.

To the left at the top of the carousel is a new eatery called Easy Goer, offering reserved and first-come, first-served setting, with a buffet or menu option. Gone there, too, is the red and white canopy that cast a lurid glow on customers, replaced with a new copper roof. New tables and televisions have been installed, in the style of the Fourstardave Sports Bar downstairs.

The new video screens are a vast improvement over those that they replaced, which were literally of another technological era. Now, those of us sitting out back can actually see what’s happening on the racetrack.

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