New York’s Equine Injuries: A Gaming Commission Follow-Up

On the day that last week’s column was published, the column in which I raised questions about the accuracy, timeliness, and consistency of the information in the New York State Gaming Commission’s database of equine injuries, I received an e-mail from the Commission, correcting my assertion that thefatality report from the Saratoga 2014 meeting had not been released.

It was in fact released, and last week’s column was updated to reflect that. In November of 2015, the Gaming Commission noted the publication of the report in a press release titled, “Nygsc Employing Mobile Tech To Screen Horses for Undetected Heart Issues.” The Saratoga 2014 fatality report was mentioned and linked in the seventh of seven paragraphs. The report is also available on the Gaming Commission website in the “Reports” section.

I had searched for the report by reading the titles of the press releases, and that is why I missed it. I appreciate the correction but remain perplexed why such an important document was given such little attention and included as a subordinate topic in a press release. The report includes details about the necropsy and bloodwork results for the horses that died and about their medication and racing history; information from interviews with the horses’ trainers; detailed descriptions of the incidents themselves; and causes of death.

It’s a model of transparency and an industry exemplar, and a document that deserves to have gotten more attention than it did.

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