New Media: The Teenager That Brought the Toner Barn to Facebook

Elsa Lorieul Linzay MarksIn terms of odd combinations, trainer Jimmy Toner and Facebook might rank right up there with mustard and pizza, Felix and Oscar, and A-Rod and the Yankees.

But throw in a 14-year-old with a serious racing pedigree, and you might just have the perfect blend.

Last fall, eighth-grader Elsa Lorieul brought the Toner barn into the world of social media. A novice to Facebook but an Instagram veteran, she was at a party with her parents at the home of trainer Christophe Clement and his wife Valerie when Valerie suggested she work with the Toner barn to advance its internet profile.

“She said it would be good for educational purposes, and that it would teach me responsibility,” related Lorieul, standing on a sodden morning at the far turn of the Oklahoma, just outside the barn of Shug McGaughey, where her mother Lena works as an exercise rider.

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