Saratoga 2016: traditions, technology, hospitality, & Cuomo

There’s a week left in the Saratoga 2016 season, but with no Pink Sheet next Tuesday, today’s the day to look back at the meet and offer some wishes for Saratoga 2017.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but the new copper roofs on the Carousel and the escalator are a welcome change from the red-and-white striped awnings. The awnings no doubt make sense in terms of durability, but the copper seems more fitting with Saratoga’s original colors. Brown might not be as sexy or eye-catching as the stripes, but I hope that we’ll see more of it as the physical plant continues to be upgraded.

While holding the Travers draw on a Tuesday night and eliminating a lone, treasured, weekly day off for NYRA employees seems a questionable call, the presentation of small replica Travers canoes to the winning connections of the previous year’s race is a worthy new tradition. Given the canoe’s iconic stature, it’s a nice touch.

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One thought on “Saratoga 2016: traditions, technology, hospitality, & Cuomo

  1. Cuomo will give up control when he determines continued state ownership has absolutely no further political benefit to him. Not before. Don’t hold your breath

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