The presidential election, horse racing, and speaking out

Deplorables. Emails. Threats. Speeches and tax returns, released and unreleased.  And oh, that video. That video.

There are four days left in a presidential campaign that has left many U.S. citizens hanging our heads in embarrassment, a campaign that has riven friendships and roiled the country, a campaign that has turned social media into a battlefield of partisan perspectives, albeit one accompanied by a resigned realization that one more Facebook post probably isn’t going to change anybody’s mind.

If Thoroughbred racing were a state, it would probably be red … though it’s hard to say with much certainty, as the sport’s participants tend to be a circumspect lot, offering little in the way of public political opinions.

But this election, possibly the most important of most of our lifetimes, has led some of the more intrepid trainers to speak out, beginning a discourse that has generally been more civil than the general public’s has been … except for the times when it’s not.

Even before this election cycle, trainer Graham Motion didn’t hesitate to voice his opinions on social and political issues … and nor does he hesitate to hit the ‘block’ button.

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(Image source: Wikimedia, and used in accordance with its license)

One thought on “The presidential election, horse racing, and speaking out

  1. Thank you for this enlightening story, Teresa! I have an even deeper respect for Graham now, and bravo to him for taking a stand! I shall reserve judgement on Big ‘Miah, but his disappointing stance will be duly noted! I’ll continue to like the affable young trainer, but will certainly view him in a new light, just as I will anyone who I find out supports this national embarrassment of a candidate, who is an absolute disgrace to our GREAT country!

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