Sabrina Moore: Love of horses can take you “pretty far”

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Moore, center; Angie Moore third from left

Sabrina Moore didn’t grow up in the horse business. No one in her family was involved, either. But when she was nine, Moore got her first horse, and thus began the 15-year process of her, and her mother’s, pretty much complete immersion in the industry.

When Moore’s mother Angie was a little girl, she’d look longingly at the horses at the farm next to where she lived, and when she had her own children, she made sure that they got the exposure to horses that she hadn’t had, putting them in summer horse camps. Of the four kids, only Sabrina caught the horse bug.

By age seven, she was barrel racing and spending all her free time at the barn; two years later, she got her first horse. When she was in her early teens, the family moved from Glen Burnie, MD, which is south of Baltimore, to Glyndon, north of the city and closer to the center of the state’s breeding business. They bought a 40-acre farm and another horse, and they put up some temporary stalls, then built a barn and a temporary ring.

“We were like the oddballs in the neighborhood,” remembered Angie with a laugh. “Everyone around here was into hunting and jumping and racing, and we were doing all Western.”

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