Donna Brothers: A Force On Horseback For The Triple Crown

When I talked to Donna Brothers before this year’s Kentucky Derby, she was well into her preparation for the big race. She has a lifetime’s experience on horseback, she knows the racing industry as well as anyone, and she’s been conducting interviews on horseback during national telecasts for nearly two decades. While certainly not blasé about her role, she was confident and organized, fully in command of her responsibilities and the work she would do before the first Saturday in May.

What’s that saying—we plan, God laughs?

Not long after this year’s Preakness, Brothers said, “This is one of the craziest Triple Crown seasons I’ve ever seen.”

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Used with permission courtesy Donna Brothers

One thought on “Donna Brothers: A Force On Horseback For The Triple Crown

  1. I grew up wanting to become a jockey and did and thanks to woman riders Like Donna Barton Julie Krone and Rosemary Homeister Jr and Kristi Chapman and the others that fought so hard to show the world that woman can indeed ride just as well as a man!!! Hats Off To You Donna you do a fantastic job out there!!!

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