Saratoga 2020: Drama and Disqualifications

Vexatious (inside) and Midnight Bisou. The Personal Ensign. NYRA/Coglianese Joe Labozzetta


…the silence was most striking moments later, when track announcer John Imbriale let us know that the stewards were taking a look at the stretch run and that Midnight Bisou’s rider, Ricardo Santana Jr., had lodged an objection against the winner.

Ordinarily, we’d have heard cries of disgust from the people holding tickets on, or just rooting for, Vexatious. We’d have heard cries of hope, of possible redemption, from those wanting the marvelous Midnight Bisou to get another Grade 1 win at Saratoga, or to cash a bet.

Instead: stillness.

As the replay of the stretch run played on the infield screens and on televisions throughout the track: nothing.

And when, a few minutes later, came the announcement that the result would stand, there was an invisible, soundless shrug.

For the first time, I wanted to hear indignant exclamations of injustice. I wanted waves of boos and cheers to wash over the grandstand and clubhouse.

Instead of agitation, there was a sense, almost, of serenity, on a glorious Saratoga summer day.

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