Meet the new buglers at Saratoga Race Course

Carson & Tony Gambaro. Photo credit Erica Miller/Daily Gazette. Used with permission.

Carson Gambaro admits that the enormity of his new summer job may not have quite hit him yet.

“I’m going to practice this lick over and over and over again,” he said recently, standing in the yard of his home on Saratoga Lake.

A couple of weeks ago, Gambaro was a recent Syracuse University graduate with a degree in broadcast journalism and indefinite plans for how he’d spend his summer. Now, he’s trying on britches and top hats, and practicing “that lick”— the call to the post — as he and his father Tony Gambaro prepare to step into some pretty big boots: those of Sam Grossman, the long-time bugler at Saratoga Race Course who will miss this season as he manages some health issues.

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