A trio of treys and an eight (year old)

What’s up with Numaany? I haven’t read anything about him in a while, but in the last two days, I’ve gotten 60+ hits here from people searching for him. This site still comes up first in the list of his search results, so it doesn’t appear that he’s on one of the numerous Derby lists that have come out, or has made any other news, and I just don’t get it. What’s with the sudden torrent of interest in this colt?

In other three-year-old news, it seems that I’m not the only one who was interested in Face The Cat at Gulfstream last Friday; Brian Nadeau at the ST Journal noted the colt’s win in his most recent post. I didn’t catch the race live and can’t find a replay anywhere, but I certainly wasn’t thinking that this horse might hit the Triple Crown trail. He has piqued my interest…

As Madison and Floyd have noted, Bobcat Brody came in for them in the first at Aqueduct today. The colt looked hopelessly out of it coming around the turn, but he went wide and looped the field and won going away. He wasn’t even in the TV shot at the sixteenth pole, but he raced up and took the race effortlessly. Nice!

A few years ago, waiting on line at 5 am for the first sprint of Travers day (post time 7 am, when the bell goes off, the gates open, and hundreds of crazed race fans dash for the backyard picnic tables), I needed to find a bathroom. Not much in the way of options at that hour and that location, but I sallied forth in the hope of finding if not a bathroom, at least a quiet secluded spot. Amid the horses coming out for training, I asked a man coming towards me if he knew of any bathrooms nearby; he identified himself as a trainer and offered me the use of his barn’s facilities, cautioning me about their cleanliness. Nearly desperate and very grateful, I accepted.

That was no empty warning: It may well have been the dirtiest bathroom I’ve ever entered, but it did the job, and, appreciative, I thanked him on my way out. He identified himself as Jim Ferraro, a small trainer based at Aqueduct, and told me that his horse Chopping Wood was in the next day. I had to leave early that Sunday and didn’t catch the race, which Chopping Wood won, paying $24.00.

I decided to put Ferraro into my DRF watch list, and over the last few years I’ve watched the fortunes of his horses; they usually go off at long prices and they usually lose, but every once in a while, one comes in at a big price. When I bet them, they lose; when I don’t, they win. Of course. Anyway, his eight-year-old Delta Sea was in today’s fifth at Aqueduct, and he won, paying $10.20. It was unbelievable; at the half, the horse was without exaggeration twenty lengths from the lead, and he barely got a call until the stretch run, when he jumped up between horses, got bumped, then moved to the middle of the track to finish full of run and win by nearly three. You could hear the admiration in John Imbriale’s voice as he spoke of the “the eight-year-old [who] had it goin’ today!”

I’m always happy when I see that Ferraro’s gotten a win; I can’t figure out how trainers like him stay in business and make a living, and they’re the guys I think about when franchise issues come up, because it’s not like they can pick up and move their business elsewhere as easily as the big guys can. I’d be happier if I’d had a wager on you, Delta Sea, but congratulations to you, and Mr. Ferraro, anyway.

3 thoughts on “A trio of treys and an eight (year old)

  1. Hey Theresa – I love your headline – perhaps you should have made it a quartet of Trey’s – Thomas J Sanford III was born on Jan 10th –> He will be called Trey –> Great irony. !!!!

  2. Linda: I enjoyed it, too–the racing detail, but also understanding the race in the contemporary political situation. Loved it.

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