Monday night quick picks

Our anonymous Saratoga Russell commenter makes another appearance, this time outing him/herself (at least a little) as a part owner. Mr./Ms. West Point, thanks for your updates, and keep ‘em coming. Sunday’s comment: “Saratoga Russell is training at Gulfstream. He ran a bullet 5 furlong yesterday. People who witnessed the breeze said that on paper, he beat the second fastest by 1.5 seconds, but visually, he looked even more impressive. I know it’s just a breeze, but I am told by the jockey that Saratoga Russell is a ‘push button’ horse who can rate and also set the pace. The only question in my mind is distance. We won’t know until he runs a two turn race. I am an part owner of Saratoga Russell, so I may be partial to my horse.” Jeez, you think? But that’s OK, ‘cause we are, too. My own observations of the colt in his two races back up the assertion that he’s versatile; looking forward to seeing what he does next. On a side note: a full 50% of Internet searches that land on my site are looking for Saratoga Russell.

Earned my first points in the ST Derby fantasy game, when Alan Garcia won the Whirlaway with Barrier Reef. The standings come out on Tuesday, and if past performance is any indicator, I’ll be near the bottom of the league table, but I can hope. Nice to pick up some points, in any event.

Looks like the Big A jockeys had it right, when most of them picked the Giants to win the Super Bowl; too bad for leading rider Ramon Dominguez, who picked the Pats, and Channing Hill, who predicted a NE beat down, 28-0. And big, big, big ups to Pablo Fragoso, who nailed the Giants victory AND the final score. Here’s hoping he had some money backing up that prediction.

The resignation of Charles Wait from the NYRA board was big news in both the mainstream and the blogosphere over the weekend; Alan over at Left at the Gate covers it with his usual perspicacity. Though not usually a fan of my hometown paper (takes about three minutes a day to read, seven in August), I do want to call attention to The Saratogian’s Sunday editorial (which was brought to my attention by my mother–one must give credit where credit is due), which addresses the “catastrophe” of a loss of NY racing and puts forth its opinions about what issues should be resolved by bringing the franchise debacle to a close, and how those issues should be resolved. Also of note is Michael Veitch’s regular racing column, in which he discusses Charles Wait’s important role in NY racing over the last fifteen years.

Big hockey week: two nights at the Garden sandwich a fundraiser for Ice Hockey in Harlem; I expect to post, but hang in there with me if I don’t…

3 thoughts on “Monday night quick picks

  1. It appears that Russell will race on Feb 9th in Gulfstream in an allowance race. We expect him to run well. After the race, we will map out the next race(s). The draw will take place on 2/6.

  2. Sad to say that Wait is already old news. Just a blip on the ‘news radar’. Why didn’t he stay and fight with a little more public offering ? He mentions that he gave $46,000. to Bruno’s election…did he expect some sort of favoritism ? Bruno is still on the news front –with a voice getting to the media. Charles Wait,now, does not have the same effect…anymore.

  3. Well you posted higher than me in the standings so far LOL. But I am amazed I made the list at all, given my “pick the horses with the nicest names” method!

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