Playing hooky, et al.

I want to skip school on Thursday and go to the races. I want to skip school on Thursday and go to the races, because the last time I was at the races on a Thursday was August 16th at Saratoga, and that’s just way too long ago.

I want to skip school on Thursday and go to the races, because two horses who were in Triple Crown races a couple of years ago are in the third race.

I want to skip school on Thursday and go to the races because on the last Thursday that I was at the races, Piquante Cat won the third race, and he’s in the featured eighth race.

I want to skip school on Thursday and go to the races, because Be Bullish is in, and maybe this time, I’ll make the right decision about whether to bet him or not.

I want to skip school on Thursday and go to the races, because I could get on the subway four blocks from my apartment and be there in forty minutes.

I want to skip school on Thursday and go to the races…but I can’t, so here’s what else is on my racing mind tonight:

Are we becoming the site of the unofficial Saratoga Russell fan club? Our favorite anonymous commenter told us mid-day on Tuesday that the colt would run this Saturday, and that is backed up by a DRF watch list notification that indicates that he’s entered in the third at Gulfstream, an AOC; the notes are “posted fast fractions, didn’t get cooked.” Sounds like his first race at Aqueduct in November, when Railbird and I used that exact language to describe his run. Thanks to her for this notification, as for some reason the DRF notification has not yet arrived in my inbox.

The standings for the first week of the ST Derby fantasy are up, and I’m down there in the bottom quarter. I’ve got 75,900 points (dollars?); the bottom earner has 3,000 (or 0), and the leader’s got 391,500. Oh, yes, and the leader is the guy who runs the game. Coincidence? You decide. In any event, I’ve got a long way to go…

The New York Racing Association is making plans for the shutdown of racing in New York next week (DRF); some contingency plans for training are being made, but the cold hard fact is that if the spoiled, egotistical geniuses in Albany can’t figure this out by next week, thousands of people will be out of work, and some will be out of a home, given that many backstretch workers live in on-track housing. The Blood-Horse reports that a deal is close, but we’ve heard that song before. What a disgrace.

11 thoughts on “Playing hooky, et al.

  1. Quit your bragging -lol. I’m in a 10 way tie for 116th place with a whooping $22,000. And yes, I’m that anal. What can I say, I’m an accountant. Can’t believe I’m ahead of Superfecta. But there’s plenty of time ahead for my stable to crash and burn even further!

  2. It would be great if they used an ordered list so each line would display with a line number. I actually grabbed the results and put them in a text editor and turned on line numbering…42. Brooklyn Backstretch59. Superterrific (that’s me)125. Trip’s TripleCrown Stables (is that you tripcrown73? I was guessing)144. Sleipnir (superfecta)I was shocked at my outcome, but as already pointed out, plenty of time to crash and burn (or improve!) even further.

  3. Thanks Dana -Yes, that’s me. Can’t say I’m very original. -lol.Gosh, I did worse that I thought but that’s what I get for trying to count individual lines and audit financial data without getting caught at work!

  4. Wow–42’s not so bad–though my math really, really is! Thanks, Dana. I’m going to enjoy my time here while it lasts…

  5. Sorry, guys, but I’m the biggest loser:Val’s Foolish Pleasure $4,000 Then again, I wasn’t aiming for the horses to win last weekends’ race…I’m in for the long haul 🙂

  6. I’m psyched to see how many of you are playing–as I wrote in tonight’s post, I’ll donate a minimum of $50 to the racing/equine charity of the choice of whoever finishes highest in the standings. Linda–tell us your stable name so that we can keep track. I applaud Valerie’s long-term outlook, but I gotta say, I’m glad to be leading for at least a little while…it’s such a rare occurrence.

  7. Teresa -Linda is out of town. Her sister is ill and hospitalized. However, her stable name is SecBar after her 2 favorite horses. Bet you can’t figure those two out -lol.Now, the only problem I have is deciding whether to scrap these horses for the RttR or choose completely different ones. Oh, decisions, decisions!

  8. Oh my! The Quinella Castle is only a dozen or so slots behind Superterrific! As its my first foray into “public” handicapping, I’m just happy not being in the cellar. (Give me time…)

  9. OK, so by my count we’ve got seven stables in the running for the meagre $50 prize. Not bad! Maybe a few more will come out. We are all female, too, for whatever that’s worth. I’ll update our own personal standings in a post weekly.

  10. Wow, I love this idea and am happy to donate some cash as well. I can also supply the numeric standings by way of text editor magic!

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