I knew I should have skipped school to go to the track

It is indeed a shame when work gets in the way of gambling.

Last night, I wrote: “I want to skip school on Thursday and go to the races because on the last Thursday that I was at the races, Piquante Cat won the third race, and he’s in the featured eighth race…I want to skip school on Thursday and go to the races, because Be Bullish is in, and maybe this time, I’ll make the right decision about whether to bet him or not.”

And today, at school, I read:

Race 8

2 Be Bullish Charles C. Lopez 10.80 5.70 4.20
5 Piquante Cat Alan Garcia 5.00 3.50
4 That’srightofficer Norberto Arroyo, Jr. 3.00

Can you hear me screaming? The exacta paid $38.20. No, I did not take advantage of Internet wagering. I’m taking a page from the book of Madison and Floyd, and growling. And speaking of growling, if you think you had a bad day, check out Madison’s story.

A couple of folks to thank this evening:

Dana, for taking the time to actually do the math and figure out my place in the ST Derby fantasy game, which was much to my advantage. So much for my math skills. I now know that at least five readers are playing this game with me…if there are others out there, let me know, and I’ll donate a minimum of $50 to the racing/equine charity of the choice of whoever finishes best.

Phoebe Hayes of the Maryland Jockey Club, for illuminating us on the meaning of two finish lines at Laurel Park. Incredibly obvious, but I guess we didn’t stop to think about it, and I appreciate her taking the time to read and post.

In my Saratoga reports last summer, I mentioned a New York Daily News article about Norbert Arroyo, Jr., who was trying to come back to the races after being badly injured in the same accident that paralyzed Andrew Lakeman last spring. Arroyo’s had a bad reputation for a while, and there was a time when it felt like he spent more time on suspension than on horseback. On NYRA’s website, Jason Blewitt does a nice little profile on him, and it’s a good read about how a guy who wasted opportunities and talent seems to have learned from his mistakes.

I was getting ready to leave work Thursday to head to the Rangers’ game (ugh), when our local NPR station included in its top of the hour news bulletin an update on the NYRA situation. NYRA + NPR: two great acronoyms that heretofore did not go great together. Talk about worlds colliding.

And in today’s NY racing franchise news: blah, blah, blah. See The Blood-Horse and the Daily Racing Form for more info. I’m so sick of the posturing and posing and politicking that I can’t even bear to write about it.

One thought on “I knew I should have skipped school to go to the track

  1. “blah, blah, blah” What a perfect description of the Spitzer=Bruno “war” . . . — J.S.GO Saratoga Russell. What a scorcher that was today.

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