Still looking up

I’m beginning to dread, rather than anticipate, the weekly update of the Take Ten! standings at ST Publishing. Here’s this week’s debacle…at least from this blogger’s point of view:

30. Stafford Stables…………………….1,150,750
46. Trip’s Triple Crown Stable………..1,033,000
51. Sleipneir Stable…………………… 1,015,750
111. Val’s Foolish Pleasure…………….730,750
112. Superterrific Stables……………….725,750
119. Quinella Castle……………………..695,750
133. Sec Bar Stable………………………605,750
143. Brooklyn Backstretch……………..571,150

Yours truly plunged twenty-one places, while both Sleipnir and Val stayed in exactly the same place. In fact, most of our members slipped this week, but kudos to Stafford Stables, who leaped eighteen. We’ll get ‘em next week…

On Wood Memorial day last April, my friend Jonathan hit in the Bay Shore with Bill Place; that was the high point of the horse’s year, as in his subsequent four starts, he never finished better than third, and he’s dropped precipitously in class, from that Grade III to some ungraded stakes, to a $100,000 claimer in August, to a 50K OC last month. On Thursday, he’s entered in the fifth, a $30,000 claimer. He’s the favorite, and I always get a little saddened when I see horses drop like this, wondering what will happen to him if he’s not successful in these ranks. He had a nice run at the beginning of ’07, and I’d like to see him hit the winner’s circle again.

6 thoughts on “Still looking up

  1. I’ve just been lucky so far in the Take Ten game. I think this is going to be your weekend as I think your boy Sartoga Russell has a real shot in the Gotham. Would you believe I left Pyro off my stable in the Road to the Roses game? Thank god I took him in the take ten. I think I also somehow forgot to select the ubiquitous Nick Zito in my RTR stable. He’s been my savior in the Take Ten game. I also just noticed that I seem to chose a differnt naming convention for each of my comments. Sometimes I’m “kevin”, sometimes I”m “kstafford, and lately I’ve been “Kevin from the Apsiring Horseplayer.” I’m just going to go with “Kevin Stafford” from now on. 🙂

  2. It’s still ALL beginners luck for me! I picked my stable by the descriptive blurbs on each horse and my gut instinct. I went with essentially the same stable with my RttR game. I guess I’m not doing too bad there either. I didn’t choose War Pass in either game; now I’m trying to decide whether I should pick him up in the RttR draft after this weekend. I probably will pick up Saratoga Russell depending upon his performance in the Gotham, I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far. I’m just worried about what happens when all the horses I have are running in the same weekend in different races and I can only activate 5 at one time!

  3. I knew last weekend wasn’t going to be great for me, but here’s hoping Giant Moon earns me some points!

  4. Like an idiot I left Pyro out altogether, and I used Alan Garcia in Take 10, thinking he might pick up a good mount, forgetting that he’d need to head southward for that to happen. Dumb, dumb, dumb.I am hopeful that Saratoga Russell does me some good. Superfecta, we’re going head to head.

  5. I remember Bill Place, he did have couple of good runs last year. He showed today and was claimed Michael Racatto Jr (no clue) with trainer David Jacobson. I was thinking that perhaps he’s a good deal if he’s sound. I remember one of his shows where closed really impressively. Maybe his new connections will be able to bring out the best in him.This weekend is hopefully gonna be great for my RTTR… I have Pyro, Take of Ekati, Majestic Warrior and Saratoga Russell. Majestic Warrior is the only one I don’t have for ST. Fingers crossed!

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