Friday morning quick picks

Bill Place didn’t make my wish come true on Thursday; off as the even-money favorite, he was a well-beaten third and was claimed from Anthony Dutrow by David Jacobson. I suppose that’s a good sign?

On the other side of the world, Numaany too finished third, at Nad al Sheba. Beaten a length and a half, his chart (do they call them charts over there?) read, “Soon led, headed 400m out, ran on well.” I wish that they would send him back here, where he’s actually won a race; I don’t think he likes it in the desert. That, and like a fool I put him in my Derby stables, which is an unmitigated disaster. Sigh. Please don’t ask if I’m going to take him out when the opportunity rises; it would feel like a betrayal.

A commenter on a past post corrects part of the story I wrote about Saratoga Russell last month; thanks for weighing in and sharing with us Russell’s story. You know I’ll be cheering for you on Saturday.

A few members of the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance have decided to put our money where our mouths are, and begin a petition to protest the recent changes to the Breeders’ Cup, specifically the re-naming of the Distaff and moving the filly/mare races to Friday. You know how I feel about these changes, and we are essentially boycotting, with both attendance and wagering dollars, the Friday races in the hope that we can effect a little change over at the BC. Surely, the Filly and Mare Classic is an improvement over the Ladies’ Classic?

If you feel the same and if you’re willing to join us (and believe, I know what that asks, as the Distaff is my favorite race and division, and it will kill me to stand by spectating), please sign our petition, and let’s see if we can “Take Back the Race!”

5 thoughts on “Friday morning quick picks

  1. I thought Numaany’s race was a massive improvement from his run in the UAE 2000 Guineas. Although he was around 4 1/2lbs better in at the weights with the front 2 yesterday going down to them by 1 1/2 lengths as opposed to nearly 9 shows he’s going the right way.It would be a mistake to pull him out now as he actually has a much better chance of getting into the Derby by running in the UAE Derby than by returning for say a race like the Wood. The cut-off in Graded Stakes, earnings looks in the distance as it will be nearer or more than $200,000 than the usual $150,000-which means that he would have to take the Wood to get in. 3rd place in the UAE would earn him $200,000 and at the moment only the first 2 from yesterdays race and Etched (don’t why he didn’t run yesterday) would have a chance in that race.Anyway that will be his last start there and he’ll be back and running at Belmont before you know it.

  2. Great idea for the petition! I signed and put in my “two cents”. It really ticks me off that I will have to miss the fillies and mares because I will be at work on a WEEKDAY! Imagine that!

  3. A big debate is also needed to see if those attending and those watching at home want a 2 day event at all and if so what days do they want it on.I think Breeders’ Cup has a problem because in an ideal world they probably would make it a Saturday/Sunday event but that probably would not suit those attending the races. Imagine a last race at 530 on a Sunday at Churchill with thousands and thousands of racefans trying to fly out of Louisville to get back to their home cities. No direct flights either abroad or to California. My guess is that very few people, apart from locals, would be back home by Monday morning.So those who can’t attend and are working on Friday lose out. I actually think it’s a big shame… butmy question is would anyone want to show a Breeders’ Cup day on a Sunday on TV? Would Breeders’ Cup/any TV network/station want to take on the monster that is the NFL in the ratings war-especially with a World Series game likely in the evening.

  4. Why does it have to be a two day event anyway? Have one GREAT day of racing on Saturday as in the past. No conflict with weekdays or NFL Sunday.

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