Friday morning quick picks

Just a couple of thoughts before heading to Saratoga for the weekend; the Oklahoma is still open, so I’m hoping to head over there for autumn workouts, which are just as wonderful as summer workouts. I did read recently, though, that repairs on the Oklahoma drainage systems had led to all of the horses being moved, so perhaps the weekend will involve a little equine odyssey…In search of…?

No word on the availability of Curlin t-shirts. Thanks to all of those who expressed interest, and I’ll get info out as soon as I get some.

The faithful might consider a little trifecta box in today’s second race at Belmont: Thoroughly Holy, Oh Yes I Pray, and Unholy Night.

And though it doesn’t quite feel the same, given that it’s happening six time zones away, the Rangers open their regular season tomorrow at noon, vs. Tampa Bay in Prague. John Dellapina has left the Daily News, so for the first time in more than a decade, someone else at the paper will be bringing us our Rangers news. His thoughtfulness, humor, and crisp writing will be missed, at least by this reader, as will the number of familiar faces who have departed the Blueshirts, leaving this fan a little bewildered by the new numbers and names populating my team. I can’t say that I’m all that optimistic about the season, but as a Rangers’ fan, it’s my job to see the glass half-empty. Let’s go, Rangers?

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