Are boycotts forever?

I still haven’t watched yesterday’s races.

And I can’t decide when I’m going to be able to.

Years of Catholicism have taught me that whatever is the hardest, most sacrificial thing to do is the right thing to do, even when–especially when?–it defies sensibility.

So even though I was in a bar on Friday afternoon for at least two, maybe three, of the filly and mare races, I had my back to the TV on which they were playing. I did hear who won, and a little bit about how the races were run, but that’s about it. I’ve muted the channel and turned away when highlights are shown on ESPN.

I’ve got a commenting conscience, so maybe he or she will tell me when it’s OK for me watch? I’m thinking tomorrow sometime.

I did TiVo the races, and that feels a little like cheating. Another item for the confession list?

The Blood-Horse tells us that a North American betting record was set at Santa Anita on Friday; Steve Crist tells us that

In total, intrarace betting on the three races moved from Saturday to Friday was
$18.8 million, down 31 percent from Monmouth in 2007 ($27.6 million) and
down 44 percent from Churchill Downs in 2006 ($34.0 million). (Crist Blog)

Ed DeRosa at Thoroughbred Times tells us that attendance was up 3,400 from last year’s Friday event at Monmouth.

The Friday card last year was run in torrential rain and temperatures in the high sixties/low seventies. Yesterday’s card was run, according to, in glorious sunshine and temperatures in the eighties.

Listening to NPR this morning, I heard not only a headline in the news broadcast about yesterday’s races, but also a clip from a correspondent there. That’s good news, right?

I’m off to Belmont later this morning, to check out my hometown horses, watch the races from California, and attend Evening Attire’s retirement party. Details of the event and the schedule are available in Jenny Kellner’s article on the NYRA website.

8 thoughts on “Are boycotts forever?

  1. BBI admire you!I had numerous friends boycott yesterday – one close friend who works at the track was there all day and did not bet a race and he loves betting the races!I couldn’t do it, I tortured myself and bet sealy hill to win…congrats on standing your ground!!Jen

  2. Welll you are a better Catholic than I am. I caved in, left work early to go vote (I’ll be away on election day) and got home in time to watch all the races. A thousand lashes with a wet noodle for me……

  3. Santa Teresita, you have suffered enough. After those five Hail Zenyattas, program your Tivo to feed yesterday’s card into today’s BC races and enjoy the fillies and mares as part of their rightful Breeders’ Cup day.

  4. BB–Congrats–I was not in favor of the boycott and I have gone back n forth with you on this in prior posts…but I do admire your fortitude and character–I will tip a drink to you today….Enjoy the races today and bet away-you deserve it.

  5. I’m 42 years old, I work 70 hours a week, and I give myself 25 more Breeders Cup’s and Triple Crown chases before I stroke out…I give you credit, but the powers that be in my opinion just don’t care what any horse fans think. I loved both days, and that was a Distaff to remember. I enjoy your blog very much!

  6. BB. If Zenyata raced today (10/25) she would have been 1 of many stories. Hence, on 10/24, she was the story. Have a glass of Early Times and enjoy the tivos.

  7. Thanks, everyone, for the comments and the support–look at all the Catholics out there!Given the way Saturday turned out, Jim, I must respectfully disagree: with Curlin’s loss, and a Distaff run the race before the Classic, Zenyatta is the story; Zenyatta is the Sunday morning racing headline. That did not stop me from indulging in a little bourbon, however…

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