Sights of the season

Visitors to Aqueduct were greeted with this winter wonderland…

…and Marines collecting donations for Toys for Tots. (But no menorah?)

Snow on the Belmont backstretch this morning…

…and around the turf course, rails splintered and on the ground, like so many discarded white matchsticks, waiting to be re-assembled in three months.

Five Nine more New York racing days in 2008…

4 thoughts on “Sights of the season

  1. I tried to get a closeup photo of the horsedeer but for some reason every shot came out blurry—spooky. Like a scene from The Ring.Have to have been fuh-reezing there.

  2. Drat. Forgot those post-Christmas days! Thanks for the correction…Ernie–a bunch of mine came out blurry, too–I had to take several to get a clear one. Weird…

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