Monday morning thoughts on Sunday

Three horses break down at Aqueduct over the last week, but over two tracks—what does that mean? RIP, Megadiva; Yes She’s a Lady appeared to be OK after unseating Rajiv Maragh in the collision; both he and Winston Thompson were uninjured.

Decided in the paddock: put a great sports bar at the Big A. Good bar food, zillions of TVs with racing and football and Sunday hockey, and free drinks for women. It’ll be a gold mine. One horseman: “Get the women in here, and the men will follow.”

Using a betting machine on Sunday at the track was like playing roulette—or maybe a foreshadowing of VLTs? What numbers will come up? The first time I went to bet, the keypad for my PIN read:

A little startling, OK, but manageable. But then it got like one of those tests where if you get the first question right, the next ones get harder:

Later on:

I’m pretty sure that the horses were still assigned the right post positions, though. It might have helped my wagering if they weren’t…

A plus of the inner track: five of nine races started in front of the grandstand.

Classic Dutrow: Reptilian Smarts wins by five on Thursday; comes back on Saturday and wins again.

A potentially sublime New York sports day: Belmont backstretch in the morning; Aqueduct in the afternoon; the Garden at night. The Rangers did not, unfortunately, oblige…

5 thoughts on “Monday morning thoughts on Sunday

  1. Confirmondi broke down past the wire after winning the 4th race Wednesday. It looked catastrophic.You can see it on the replay…if you want to.

  2. Thanks, Carol and LJK, for the additional info. I think that I’ll pass on that replay, though.Oh, Harry, such a buzzkill! But just because Stronach failed doesn’t mean that it’s a bad idea, right?

  3. I’d be happy to curate the beer selection. I do belong to an all-female beer club, after all – and we do get men following us around when we meet.

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