Back in Brooklyn

I hit Brooklyn Thursday night at around 9:00 pm; four days of fun, food, and community service in Baltimore with our senior class had come to a monumentally successful end, and it was with a combination of fatigue, relief, and satisfaction that I swung off the Verrazano Bridge and headed north.

The trip was over but the school year is not, and as I headed back towards school to make sure that the busses were unloaded properly and the kids safely on their way home, I was thinking about what needs to be done before graduation.

And then in the distance I saw it: the green and white lights of the Empire State Building.

I have always loved the Empire State Building, the edifice I called the “Entire State Building” as a child (who knew from Empire at age four?). It’s never really Christmas to me until that first holiday season Rangers’ game at the Garden, when I can look up to see the red and green lights as I head up the escalator to my seats.

And last night, that building welcomed me home, adorned in Belmont green and white, reminding me (and I hope millions of New Yorkers) from miles away that…it’s Belmont weekend!

I’ll be heading out to Belmont later this afternoon and early tomorrow and will likely post at some point, but the pleasures of being at the track may well keep me away from the laptop until Sunday morning.

I’ve posted at the Belmont Stakes site about my memories of the 2007 Belmont (not entirely what you’re expecting), and Brian will, I think, be checking in with a preview of Saturday’s $1 million guaranteed Pick 6.

And don’t forget to register your guess for tomorrow’s attendance; scroll down to the bottom of the post, enter your guess in the comments section, and you might win a $50 donation to the racing charity of your choice!

Have a great weekend—good luck, profits, and safe trips to all!

4 thoughts on “Back in Brooklyn

  1. What memories you have! Against my better judgement (since I'm at work) I clicked on the youtube link to the race. I found myself bouncing in my chair and screaming in my head "Go Rags!" Still an exciting moment to watch.

  2. Welcome back. I'm hoping Big Sandy will drain well after these rains finally leave sometime later today. I certainly am excited about going out on Saturday and wish I could head out today for the Brookyn Handicap, but I will tune into Channel 71 and catch it. It should be a great day on Sat. and I'll keep my eyes open for you when I'm around the paddock.

  3. Hope you had a good time in Baltimore. If only our racing industry was doing better you could have seen a few races at Pimlico. Of course I suppose being on a field trip would probably make that impossible…Anyway, hope the city was good to you!

  4. I do the same thing, Linda. Makes me feel foolish, but I can't resist.Sorry that I missed you BrooklynSaint–next time!Modok: I lived in Baltimore for five years and I love the place. School trips and racing don't usually mix, but I try to get down a couple of times a year.

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