Chip Woolley visits Anna House

On Friday morning, the children at Anna House got a surprise visit from New York’s new favorite, Mine That Bird’s trainer Chip Woolley. Donna Chenkin, executive director of the Belmont Child Care Association, said that Woolley sat down and played with and talked to the students, and that they quite readily crawled all over him, which he let them do with patience and amusement.

Chenkin reported that Woolley was impressed by the work being done at Anna House—“Kids and animals are what’s important,” he told her—and in a brief conversation at the Belmont media party on Friday night, he said that he’d heard about the Belmont Child Care Association from trainer Carl Domino, in whose barn Mine That Bird is stabled. “There should be one of these at every race track,” he said, acknowledging the significant cost of such an endeavor.

Anna House had some other notable visitors on Friday—more to come on them later in the week.

Chip Woolley with Brian on Friday at Anna House

2 thoughts on “Chip Woolley visits Anna House

  1. That's really very cool that he took the time out of what I'm sure was an insanely busy schedule to make that visit. Good for him!

  2. Hi Teresa,Chip returned on Saturday morning after Mine that Bird went to the monitoring barn. This time the children were eating so they didn't try to grab his crutches! He said that his visits to Anna House (he retruned Sundy morning, as well!) were the most fun he had since coming east, except for winning the Derby. He promised us his halter and one of his shoes he wore in the race.A real class act. The "little country boy" could teach some of the big city trainers (no names, now!) how to be a mensch. Stuart

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