Worlds Colliding, Part III

So I arrive at downtown law firm to take care of a little business; I’ve never been there, I don’t know this firm, and I figure that I’ll be waiting a while, so I’ve brought a book, The Buccaneers, an unfinished novel by Edith Wharton. I open the novel in the waiting room, and read the first sentence. “It was the height of the racing-season at Saratoga.”

Turns out the whole first chapter is set in 1870’s Saratoga, and I am reveling in its depiction when I am shown into a conference room for the next stage of waiting. I settle in, and as I open my book, I look around. On the opposite wall hangs a signed print of Michael Geraghty’s “Racing at Historic Saratoga.”

I dip back into my book; as the scene shifts from Saratoga to New York City, the lawyer walks in, introduces himself, and gives me a sheaf of papers to sign. He notices in some paperwork that I am from Saratoga. “Oh, Saratoga! I love it there. I’ve gone up a few times with friends. Do you ever go to the races?”

Yes, pretty regularly, grew up there, big fan.

“We have this friend, he’s a trainer, great guy. We see him when we go up.”

Oh, really? Sounds fun. What’s his name?

“Rick Schosberg. His wife is a hell of a tennis player. Do you know him?”

Um, yeah.

Fortunately our transaction is not of a terribly complicated nature, as he’s far more interested in talking about racing than in explaining this paperwork. “Yeah, that’s my Saratoga print over there. Love it. Bought it up there.”

“No, I don’t own any horses. Would love to, but with three kids, you know, lot of money…”

Yes, I do. Of course.

“You going to Saratoga this summer?”

Yep, in a week or so.

“Say hi to Rick for me, will you?”

Will do.

Papers signed, transaction concluded, I head out into late afternoon downtown sunshine. I’m walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, but my mind is 220 miles to the north. Two more weeks…

To see and purchase Michael Geraghty’s work, visit his website.

12 thoughts on “Worlds Colliding, Part III

  1. talk about serendipity! This is a very good story, as well as a good omen for your time up North this summer.

  2. Ha, that's great!I've started to pay attention to Saratoga weather. Next week looks to be a repeat of opening week last year, let's hope we get that out of the way next week!

  3. nice story …. yea I'm ready and heading up next week till labor day . Goodbye NY/NJ madness I'm going to the SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  4. Brooklyn, Dana, Tony–it was really funny, this string of coincidences. And a very pleasant surprise to have the stress of a lawyerly conversation diminished by talking about races. Anons: sorry that you were so bored…I felt the same about your comments!

  5. thus far, I hear alot of buzz about the upcoming season and despite the down economy, most people are still planning trips to the Spa, booking hotels, restaurants etc.

  6. Wow! Now, imagine if you and the lawyer had met a few years earlier, maybe a decade or two, behind a heavy velvet curtain at the Adelphi, strangers in the night….

  7. Love the anecdote! Such a small world.Dana – I've been trying to re-introduce the word, "Dickwad" in casual conversation here in Toronto with limited success.Ernie covers Sinatra? Start spreading the news!

  8. Keith – perhaps all you need are some jerky anon commentors on your blog, nothing helps make the case like a good example!

  9. SS: great news about the upstate buzz.Dana/Keith: always happy to provide an opportunity for a linguistic edification!Ernie: such a racing romantic…

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