Week 2: Sights, sounds, musings

Week 3 begins today; a third of the meet is gone; prevailing mood is a combination of fatigue and regret. “I can’t believe that only four weeks are left…”

In no particular order…

Week 2 was a good one for the felines, with three winners…

Scottkeith’s Kitten

Dean’s Kitten

And our favorite, Crazy Catlady…

The theme of the weekend was the Fasig-Tipton Festival of Racing. This tent was erected in its honor, and it perfectly and completely obscured the view of the toteboard from the paddock. Here’s hoping it comes down for Week 3.

Marylou Whitney was on hand to present the trophy named for her second husband’s family…

…which did not, unfortunately, go to this guy’s connections.

The Mig was happy to get his second win of the meet, in the Grade I Test aboard Flashing…

Spent a lovely hour or so at a table in the Carousel on Saturday…and would add to the wish list mobile tellers, like those at Keeneland and Gulfstream. The betting windows aren’t too far away, but surely the ability to bet from the table would induce more people to do so?

Monday brought two more of Zito’s graded stakes winners to the track…

Is Da’ Tara trying to tell us something here? (And here’s a thought: the Grade II Jim Dandy is named for a horse who lost more than 90% of his races and won only one major race in his life as a huge upset. Does this mean that maybe there’s a graded Da’ Tara somewhere in our future?)

And Cool Coal Man made it look oh so easy…

Mine That Bird worked out Monday morning…

Tuesday was a day of rest, sort of…and today, we’re off! Only 24 days left…

In my Wednesday column in the Saratogian, I muse on the possibility of a Thoroughbred retirement farm in New York.

2 thoughts on “Week 2: Sights, sounds, musings

  1. Read your column in the Saratogan, but I'll comment here! I agree 100%. There should be retirement homes in every state that has racing. What better way for fans to see their local favorites and get up close to thoroughbreds? Michael does a great job at Old Friends, we need more of him!

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