Holy Egregious Oversights, Batman!

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

And profuse thanks to reader BrooklynSaint, who pointed out two unforgivable omissions in my wrap-up post from yesterday.

Brian Nadeau: thank you! Brian started writing Derby preps last winter, and he continued handicapping through the end of the Saratoga meet, focusing on the Saturday Pick 4’s. His work at the Saratoga Special kept him burning the midnight oil, but he nevertheless found the time to offer detailed, insightful, often funny commentary and analysis. He is a gift to Brooklyn Backstretch, and I am saying multiple Hail Marys and Our Fathers for this dreadful exclusion.

And Flashing with the Mig aboard! Migliore’s second win at the meeting, in the Grade I Test, brought applause for the horse, but maybe even more for the jockey. He’s back aboard her in this weekend’s Grade III Presque Isle Downs Master’s Stakes…go, Mig, and please forgive the oversight.

And then there’s Forever Together—how could I forget you? You kicked off Distaff Summer with your second consecutive win in the Diana, demonstrating guts and heart and everything we love about horse racing. How lucky was I that this was the first race that the Saratogian assigned me to cover?

Thanks to Seth Merrow of Equidaily for pointing out that Danielle Hodsdon is not, in fact, the first woman to win a jump and a flat race at the same meet. He steered me to this article by Mark Singelais in the Times Union, which indicates that Blythe Miller did the same in 1997.

And in a faux paw that falls a little closer to home, I neglected to acknowledge the results of this summer’s feline handicapping. Wins dropped off quite a bit as the meeting wound down, but here’s how things ended up:

Madison: down $3.90
Floyd: down $31

Furlong: up $16.70
Ruffian: up $16.80

The kittens’ profit was up there in the 30’s for a while, but even with the cold stretch, they reaped a tidy profit for their first full-meet endeavor. They have not yet decided whether they’ll be playing at Belmont today [update: they’re playing]; they’ve continued their Saratoga sojourn while Mother Backstretch and I work out a joint custody arrangement. Madison and Floyd continue to be grumpy about their bankroll and the little ones’ presence.

A grim, wet weekend is forecast for New York, but I’ll be at Belmont rain or shine on Saturday. After all, how could I miss the Ruffian?

Sorry–still NO idea how to get rid of the flashing eyes!

6 thoughts on “Holy Egregious Oversights, Batman!

  1. re: Flashing EyesHave you checked your camera manual for a Red Eye switch?On Flickr there is a program called Picnik where you can adjust for imperfections such as these. You may want to give it a whirl. 😉

  2. Dear Teresa,Hi,it is Ariana(BrooklynSaint's daughter) and I would just like to say that I think that your kittens/cats are adorable!! I especially love the black kitten and the cat in the back from the other picture. It was very nice meeting you at Saratoga and I hope to see you again some time. I hope your school year has started off on the right foot; I know mine has! I would also like to let you know that my English teacher this year seems very nice and I can't wait to learn more in that amazing subject.love always,Ariana ❤

  3. TKS: The flash itself has a no-red-eye setting, but it doesn't seem to work well. Genius idea to check the manual. ;)E: I am trying to teach the kittens to be good sports, but it's not working. Ariana: How nice to hear from you! I'm glad that school is off to a good start for you–it is for me, too. When I get some more photos of the cats & kittens, I'll send them to your father. See you at the races!

  4. Teresa: Like you; rain or shine for the Ruffian Stakes. I want to look out on the infield and see the wreath they place at her grave and remember how special she was to her era, and think how wonderful it is we a filly now who we can say in the same sentance as Ruffian.

  5. Sure, sure, sure, thank me on the weekend I decide not to do the Pk4 after having about 6 days off. Uh huh. Kidding of course…thanks to you as well for allowing me the forum to handicap the Pk4 and allowing me a little relaxation from my other duties as well. It's an extremely fun task to burn that midnight oil on.Thanks to everyone who has participated over the past few months and hopefully we can keep building a little following.Thanks again!Brian

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