Monday morning quick picks

Little movement in the Brooklyn Backstretch Road to the Roses Charity League, given the little action over the last couple of weeks, but a few league members have changed positions, so here are this week’s standings:

1 Bourbon Bliss Barn
1 HoosYourDaddy
3 Chestnut Bay Stable
3 Jenny’s Picks
5 Matador
6 Brooklyn Backstretch
7 Kelso’s Kennel
7 Dream On Stable
9 SaratogaSpa1
10 GRS
10 Mersch Stable
12 FoolishPleasure
13 Rubber Soul Racing
14 Sleipnir Stables
15 Alpha Barn
16 Silver Stables
17 NJDerek’s Stable
18 Kingsbury I
19 Birdstone
20 TripleDeadHeat
20 Fan of Tiznow Stable
22 Brooklyn Saint Stables
23 TiznowTizthen Stable
24 JRT Racing
25 Superterrific Stable
25 One Never Nose Stables
27 Caballos Especiales
28 Lookin At Winnin’ Stable
29 B Squared Stable

One note: Backstretch regular reader and friend Rich is experiencing serious technical difficulties with his stable, Easy Goer. Despite having registered on time and activated his power horses, he’s not showing up in our standings, though he is shown to be a member of the league on my “Manage League” page.

I’ve contacted Road to the Roses several times, and when they choose to respond (which isn’t often), the correspondent sends out a canned answer with no regard to the specifics of this particular case. So at some point, I’ll ask Easy Goer to figure out his points manually (or I’ll do it) and I’ll add him to the standings. You’re just going to have trust me that this is on the up and up. And maybe someday, the good folks at Road to the Roses will consider this worthy of their attention.

Thanks to those who have sent in pledges for the charity fund; if you’re interested in donating, please contact me at the e-mail address to the left.

Fun day at Aqueduct on Saturday—really beautiful weather and a great race card brought out lots of fans (hey, 4,000 is relatively “lots”), and many friends turned out to see the first graded stakes race of 2010 in New York. Many good moments throughout the day—two early stakes races, a tantalizing look at a piece of New York racing history (more on that in early May), socializing, a fun new player on the Derby scene in Awesome Act—but right up with all of that was Felinefelon’s win in the seventh race. He paid $14.60, and as Imp had picked him, that $14.60 goes to the Madison fund, which is now up $72.50. It’s pretty cool, actually, how quickly the winnings add up when you don’t deduct the losing. And in perfectly fitting news, Felinefelon is owned by Brooklyn Boyz Stable.

In other charity news, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation has launched a spring hay drive. You can follow the donations on the TRF’s Twitter feed or Facebook page; you can donate here. The TRF feeds 1,200 horses a day—that’s 600 bales of hay daily. $5 buys one bale; $50 feeds a horse for 2 weeks; $100 gets a wagon load; $250 a truck load. So far, over 1,000 bales have been donated.

4 thoughts on “Monday morning quick picks

  1. Anon,I've definitely earned points, but they don't show up. I even tried to register another stable last week, and joined the league, but even the new stable won't show up (Rockingham Park Redux). Teresa's right; RRTR responds when they want to. No big deal. I'll try again next year. Teresa,"It's pretty cool, actually, how quickly the winnings add up when you don’t deduct the losing."Perfect.

  2. Well I'm going to enjoy being tied for third place while it lasts LOL. And it won't last much longer.I've heard other people having problems with RTTR this year and gotten less than adequate responses from them. That's a shame, this is a fun way to enjoy the Derby trail and raise money for charity too.

  3. I was rather hoping that this post might bring some communication from Rttr, but alas, nothing. I'll keep trying.

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