Whither goest the Breeders’ Cup – and Aqueduct – winners?


A year ago was Breeders’ Cup Friday; a month from today will be Breeders’ Cup Saturday. Like the BC or hate it, it’s inarguably a Racing Event, and whether you celebrate the gathering of world class talent or bemoan its effects on the racing calendar, you’ll be paying attention, particularly if you’ve got a few favorites running. 

In one of those silly, idle curiosity sort of ways, I took a look back at last year’s Breeders’ Cup to see what became of the winners.  And, then more sillily, more idly, I looked at what was going on concurrently about 12 hours northwest, opening weekend at Aqueduct. 

I know: it’s apples and oranges. Different types of horses, different types of racing.  I offer no conclusions of any significance, just some observations. 



Breeders’ Cup, 2010 (updated to reflect Awesome Feather’s win today)

Horse                  Starts since BC win Wins          Top 3 finishes Last raced Stakes wins
Eldaafer       7   2   3  9/10/11  0
 More Than Real   3   0   2  9/17/11  —
 Dubai Majesty   0     BC  —
 Awesome Feather   1   1   1  10/5/11  1
 Shared Account   2   0   0  9/18/11  —
 Unrivaled Belle   2   0   2  5/6/11  —
 Pluck   2   0   0  4/8/11  —
 Big Drama   2   1   2  9/4/11  1
 Chamberlain Bridge   5   1   3  9/5/11  1
 Uncle Mo   4   2   4  10/1/11  2
 Goldikova   5   2   5  10/2/11  2
 Dakota Phone   3   0   0  2/5/11  
 Dangerous Midge   2   0   0  9/17/11  —
Blame 0    BC


Aqueduct, November 5 and 6, 2010

Horse            Starts since last BC weekend Wins      Top 3 finishes Last raced Stakes wins
On Vacation 2 1 1 2/12/11 0
Money’s Sweet 3 0 0 1/2/11
Lake Song 2 0 0 1/8/11
Electric Gold 4 1 4 2/27/11 0
Not Macho Any More 1 1 1 12/12/10 0
Mint Juliet 7 0 1 8/15/11
Devilish Spirit 7 3 5 6/8/11 0
Stones Throw 10 1 6 7/18/11 0
New Adventure 10 1 5 7/4/11 0
Chaka Bwana 17 1 1 9/25/11 0
Preachintothedevil 10 2 5 9/16/11 2
Full Moon Blues 9 0 2 9/21/11
College Grad 3 0 0 6/18/11
To Honor and Serve 6 3 5 9/24/11 2
Grassy 6 1 4 10/1/11 1
Close to the Vest 10 3 4 9/28/11  



Event               Post-event starts Post-event wins Post-event top 3 finishes Post-event stakes wins
Breeders’ Cup 37 (average per horse: 2.64) 8 10 7
Aqueduct 107 (average per horse: 6.68) 11 29 5


In the 11 months since the last Breeders’ Cup, the 14 winners that day have racked up a grand total of nine wins, seven of them in stakes. (Is that good news or bad news? Few wins = bad news, but mostly stakes = good news, no?)

The 16 Aqueduct winners scraped out 11 wins…rather competitive, no, with their better bred, more expensive colleagues to the west?  And to the Breeders’ Cup winners’ seven stakes wins, the Aqueduct winners had five. Not bad, eh?

It is perhaps a bit dispiriting that the Breeders’ Cup winners haven’t done much winning, but they haven’t done much racing, either: just 37 starts since last November…which does make for a win percentage of 24%.

The Aqueduct winners made 107 starts, which is kind of cool…but the win percentage is an ouchy 10%.

Interestingly, more than 50% of the Aqueduct horses haven’t raced in the last two months, while that’s true of only 35% of the BC horses. 

It’s heartening that only three two of the 14 2010 Breeders’ Cup winners haven’t raced since then, taking into account Awesome Feather’s start today at Belmont. and one of those three, Awesome Feather, is racing today at Belmont.

So perhaps there’s reason to be cheerful, as we speculate and anticipate who will run in a month’s time. If the horses you’re rooting for happen to win, chances are, you’ll get to see them again.

And chances are that one of the many fine writers at TURF will be writing about them. Please say hello to Turf, a collection of racing writers from across the country and across the globe, writing about all facets of the racing industry. You’ll see familiar and perhaps not-so-familiar names, and we’re all looking forward to sharing our racing ideas and experiences with you. So please visit us, like us, and follow us…  on the road to the Breeders’ Cup and beyond!

3 thoughts on “Whither goest the Breeders’ Cup – and Aqueduct – winners?

  1. Cool new blog, it’s been added to my favorites 🙂

    It’s heartening to see that most of the BC winners are still racing, even if it’s not very much LOL. And good to see that a couple of the Aqueduct grads from the same time frame have gone on to nice careers in 2011.

  2. And here are some of the horses we saw during the inner track meet:
    Buster’s Ready (won Mother Goose)
    Flashpoint (won Hutcheson, Jersey Shore)
    Giant Ryan (won Smile, Vosburgh)
    It’s Tricky (won Acorn, CCA Oaks)
    Quiet Giant (won Molly Pitcher)
    Pants on Fire (won Louisiana Derby)
    Ruler On Ice (won Belmont Stakes)
    Stay Thirsty (won Jim Dandy, Travers)
    Teaks North (won United Nations)
    Toby’s Corner (won Wood Memorial)

    So far this year, NYRA has had seven Grade 1 route races on dirt for 3-year-olds. Only one, the Alabama, wasn’t won by an inner-track horse.

  3. The comparison was actually more interesting than I’d thought, Linda. It was fun.

    Rocking list, Jon – thank you for sharing it. Totally cool.

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