The Islanders Invade Brooklyn

Is the suburbification of Brooklyn now complete?

The once-gritty borough has survived an influx of big box stores and national chains and SUV-stroller-wielding parents, but on Wednesday, Bruce Ratner, Charles Wang, and Gary Bettman may have put an end to whatever urban cred Brooklyn might have had left, when they announced that the New York Islanders will be moving to Brooklyn in 2015, when the team’s Nassau Coliseum lease runs out.

If you’re a New York hockey fan, the apocalypse may indeed be upon us.

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3 thoughts on “The Islanders Invade Brooklyn

  1. Teresa. I LOVE your passion for the sport and your teams!!! It’s so cool and refreshing to see a woman who likes and follows and is knowledgable about sports. I love reading your blog!
    My brother lived in Brooklyn for 7 years when he was getting his PHD in NYC. He is a Huge Yankees fan!

    Have a Great weekend!

  2. Such a hater! Lifelong Isles fan, former season ticket holder and born and raised in Brooklyn. However, not happy with the move. The Isles belong on the island. Sad to see them leave. Rags fans such bitter folks, but that’s what years of ineptitude will do.. Love the blog T, keep it up! GO ISLES!

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