From Horses to Hope: The calendar that raised $25,000 for horses

Horse lovers and auction owners make strange bedfellows.

Oh, not those high-end, Keeneland/Fasig-Tipton/Lexington/Saratoga auctions, where well-bred babies are sold for hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars, before their careers even begin, before anyone knows whether they can run.

Horse lovers, even the poor ones, flock to those auctions: we stand at the bar, we watch the yearlings, we mark up the sales book, highlighting the progeny of our favorite racehorses. A few times a year, we indulge in the fantasy and the pageantry.

And while all that’s going on, every Wednesday, photographer Sarah K. Andrew goes to another kind of auction, this one in New Jersey, this one full of horses that their owners know can’t run any more, horses that nobody wants. There’s no convivial bar scene; there are no blue-bloods.

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4 thoughts on “From Horses to Hope: The calendar that raised $25,000 for horses

  1. Great story Teresa. Thank you. This is someone truly trying to make a difference. Horse slaughter is disgusting and so are those that engage and profit from it. My wife and I rescued a quarter horse last year and gave him to a fella near by as a surprise birthday present for his wife. You cannot get a better Christmas feeling than that!
    If we all could do just a little it could help a lot.

  2. The work Sarah and her colleagues do is absolutely amazing. And I am proud to call Penny Austin of OHAAT my friend! One of the most important things (to them and to me) that OHAAT does is provide gelding funds to the rescues in order to help rescued colts be more adoptable and of course, reduce the amount of overbreeding. They also make grants to rescues for emergency medical needs. All in all an organization worthy of our support. Thanks for this post 🙂

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