Women and sports: swimsuit models and racing queens

This week, the Stronach Group, which owns Gulfstream Park in Florida, Santa Anita Park in California, and Pimlico Race Course in Maryland, announced the Ms. Racing Queen pageant, the lucky winner of which will “promote thoroughbred racing by representing the Stronach Group” at events like the Florida Derby, Santa Anita Derby, and Preakness—all of which take place at Stronach properties.

Ms. Racing Queen will earn $100,000 for her year of service; candidates should be between 18 and 30, “exceptional women with a strong interest in ethical education, humanitarian issues and the Thoroughbred Racing Culture.”

The application (which will take just a few minutes to fill out, a small investment for a possible salary of $100 grand—I’ve seen fast food restaurant applications that are more taxing) suggests that those lofty ideals might not be the highest priorities for the judging committee; interested candidates need submit only photos of themselves and certain personal information, such as their bust, waist, and hip measurements and their swimsuit size.

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2 thoughts on “Women and sports: swimsuit models and racing queens

  1. There is nothing wrong with beautiful women but there are plenty of them involved in this sport already in many different areas. I hope they don’t end up choosing someone who will not help the sport and embarrass the game. I don’t know everything but sounds like they need to vet their applicants a little better.
    As for Afleet Alex, he was my man!!! One of the greatest athletic achievements ever in the Preakness !!! I’m happy to say he and Scrappy T paid me a lot of money that day too!!
    Teresa , how did yo get a poster size o that cover? Would love to have one!
    May all your furlongs be winning ones, have a great weekend!

    • I had that Preakness exacta, too, Jarrod. Still can’t believe Afleet Alex won.

      The poster was a birthday gift from my brother — no idea where he got it, but I could ask. It’s signed by the Captain, too.

      Back at you on the winning and the weekend!

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