Update and standings: Road to the Roses Charity League

Thanks to everyone who signed up and pledged a donation in this weird, abbreviated, slimmed-down version of the Road to the Roses this year.  We’ve got 13 players and about $500 in pledges, so a lucky racing charity is going to get a nice donation next month.

Below are the standings, offered with condolences to those who have horses who have already left the Derby trail.

Congratulations to Linda for taking the early lead–can she hold off contenders and maintain the lead to the finish?

Good luck to all in this weekend’s races!

1) Linda (340)
Orb (100), Revolutionary (100), Flashback (40), Verrazano (100) (Will Take Charge, Oxbow)

2) Teresa (320)
Orb (100), Revolutionary (100), Verrazano (100), Vyjack (20) (Fear the Kitten, Oxbow)

3) Susan S (300)
Revolutionary (100), Orb (100), Verrazano (100) (Shanghai Bobby, Proud Strike, Rydilluc)

4) Robert (260)
Verrazano (100), Orb (100), Flashback (40), Vyjack (20) (Hear the Ghost, Shanghai Bobby)

5) Ian Cox (240)
Itsmyluckyday (40), Goldencents (100), Orb (100) (Brown Almighty, Oxbow, Shanghai Bobby)

6) Matt Milligan (230)
Flashback (40), Itsmyluckyday (40), Tiz a Minister (10), Normandy Invasion (40), Verrazano (100) (War Academy)
7) Andy B (220)
Vyjack (20), Verrazano (100), Orb (100) (Palace Malace, Rydilluc, Den’s Legacy)

8) Lynne C. (200)
Verrazano (100), Orb (100) (Will Take Charge, Overanalyze, Shanghai Bobby, Java’s War)

9) Rick DiDonato 180)
Normandy Invasion (40), Verrazano (100), Itsmyluckyday (40) (Hear the Ghost, Shanghai Bobby, War Academy)

10) Pam (180)
Normandy Invasion (40), Itsmyluckyday (40), Verrazano (100) (War Academy, Code West, Falling Sky)

11) Scott (140)
Revolutionary (100), Flashback (40) (Always in a Tiz, Oxbow, Palace Malice, Shanghai Bobby)

12) Merv (120)
Revolutionary (100), Vyjack (20) (Shanghai Bobby, Uncaptured, Oxbow, Hear the Ghost)

13) Leaflady (40)
Flashback (40) (Long River, Noble Tune, Overanalyze, Uncaptured, Will Take Charge)

5 thoughts on “Update and standings: Road to the Roses Charity League

  1. Wonder of wonders, I believe I get to direct our donation dollars this year, based on prep wins by Overanalyze (100) and Java’s War (100), plus whatever points go to Orb for the Derby victory. By my accounting, I’ve got 400 points (plus the derby points), LindaVA held on for second. If my math is correct and I didn’t overlook anyone’s points in the final preps, then I ask Teresa to direct our pledges to Our Mims Retirement Haven in Paris, KY. Great Derby in the slop.

  2. Hi, folks,

    Will be adding up final standings probably later this week, then contacting everyone who pledged so that I can send the money all at once. Congrats and thanks everyone for contributing and playing — was a little harder this year than in past years, but still, you hung in there and we’ve got a nice donation to send off.

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