Brian Nadeau, 2013 Saratoga #Huddie Winner

Guests posts don’t often appear here, but when the Brooklyn Backstretch house handicapper takes down a contest, it’s worth making an exception.

Brian Nadeau, who regularly handicaps the Triple Crown trail here, won this summer’s #Huddie contest at Saratoga, and author/handicapper/editor Peter Thomas Fornatale, who’s currently working on a book about handicapping contests, talked to him about his approach to the contest, bad beats, and Strong Mandate.

    Interview with Brian Nadeau, by Peter Thomas Fornatale

I can’t let an event like Brian Nadeau — such an important character on the blog — winning the #Huddie contest go unremarked upon. What is #Huddie you might ask? A terrific, semi-underground, twitter-propelled, meet-long Saratoga horse picking contest that has been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God, I know I’m one.

They say you shouldn’t hang around the racetrack with people you don’t want to see win. That’s about as close to a racetrack truism as you’ll get. There’s a select group of us at the Paddock Bar who sometimes play as partners but always want to see each other win. Brian is part of that group.

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