Who needs Horseplayers? Women handicappers doing just fine

A quick glance at the cast page for Horseplayers reveals that the lead characters don’t offer much in the way of diversity: six characters, six men, all white.

The target audience for the Esquire Network, on which the shows airs, is males in their late 20s to their early 40s, according to Tina Gazzero Clapp, president of GoGoLuckey, which produces the show. Guys with beards, she said – not beards like Duck Dynasty, but beards like Brooklyn hipsters.  Or, not coincidentally, beards like several of the cast members often sport.

Racetracks, too, seems to see women as something other than bettors. When marketing initiatives are female-oriented, they’re about breast cancer and wearing pink and hats, not about handicapping and wagering strategy.

Nonetheless, despite obstacles, women are finding their way to the windows and showing off their handicapping chops.

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2 thoughts on “Who needs Horseplayers? Women handicappers doing just fine

  1. Nice article. I have never met a better trifecta/superfecta handicapper than my girlfriend, Heather. She had a big signer last season at Canterbury and several that were close. Her ability stems from past performance study, pedigree knowledge and a great eye for the equine athlete. I’d put her up against any exotic handicapper out there!

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