The Preakness and the Lost New York Years

The Preakness is Maryland’s race: it’s “Maryland, My Maryland” and black-eyed Susans and blue crabs. It’s so important to the state that when financial difficulties threatened racing in Maryland,the governor stepped in to make sure that the Preakness would stay in Baltimore.

But 124 years ago, when financial woes imperiled the racing industry in Maryland, nothing could keep the Preakness there, and Maryland’s loss was New York’s gain.

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3 thoughts on “The Preakness and the Lost New York Years

  1. Re-reading this post in advance of the 2014 Preakness and I am envisioning a book in your future, maybe a compilation of your writings about the history of horse racing. I would love to have all this cool information assembled in one place to enjoy over again!

    (Security settings here at work would not allow a comment at Hello Race Fans)

    • That’s hilarious about your work settings…will make sure the folks at HRF see it. And thanks, Linda…I’ve often thought about it, but I can’t imagine it would be marketable. I wish!

      • Apparently I am hiding behind a proxy server LOL. I am blocked from even seeing most “racing” sites while at work, which is understandable. And I think you should still explore the book option…

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