Attorney, Engineer, Assistant Trainer: Tiffany Webb’s Route to the Racetrack

Tiffany Webb and Time and Motion. Photo credit Kaitlyn Cawley

Tiffany Webb and Time and Motion. Photo credit Kaitlyn Cawley

If you need someone to run your barn, to do some legs, or to run a horse for you, on the flat or over jumps, you might want to give Tiffany Webb a call.

You could also call her if you need a little legal advice, or if you need someone to build a racecar from the ground up.

Jimmy Toner’s assistant since May, Webb has spent a lot of years around horses, but she didn’t exactly get to her current position taking the direct route.

A native of Damascus, Maryland, Webb, like a lot of people working on the backstretch, started riding horses when she was pretty young.

“My mom had horses, and I think that’s where my love of horses comes from,” said Webb, walking down the shedrow of barn 20, adding supplements to her horses’ feed. “I started riding when I was 10, and I think my parents think it’s the worst thing they ever did, but for me, it was the best.”

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