Educating the Regulators: The Future of Lasix in New York?

Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt

Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt

With an eye toward a possible proposal to change New York’s rules on the race-day medication furosemide, the state’s Gaming Commission met in Saratoga Springs Aug. 25 to solicit opinions about the medication.

The Gaming Commission is staffed by members who requested the forum be held, admitting that they have no background in horse racing and little to no knowledge about the anti-bleeder medication furosemide—also known as Salix or Lasix.
Said commissioner Peter J. Moschetti Jr., “You consistently hear from casual fans that racing has a drug problem.” He added later, “There’s a concern, and when there’s a concern it should be addressed.”
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Related: Earlier panels at the forum featured veterinarians’ discussing research into furosemide and its use.

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