An equine arts festival for Maryland?

Last November, Ross Peddicord came to New York’s Equus Film Festival as an ambassador for Maryland horse racing. He expected the festival, which was being held for the second consecutive year in Manhattan, to serve as a platform for showcasing Maryland’s myriad equine activities. He didn’t expect to leave the festival wanting to bring a little piece of it home to Maryland.

The executive director of the Maryland Horse Industry Board, Peddicord headed north for two reasons: to support Racing the Times, an entry in the festival to whose funding the Board had contributed, and to sit on a panel about the state of the racing industry called “The Right Side of the Track: The Positive Side of Horse Racing.”

“We thought we should support the film, so we became a sponsor of the festival,” Peddicord said recently by phone from his office in Annapolis. “It was an amazing event. We saw 12 films, and I’ve been in touch with [festival founder] Lisa Diersen ever since.”

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