Pennsylvania Derby Day Is Easy to Like–But Should We?

Teresa Genaro photo

Teresa Genaro photo

The first time that I went to Parx was in January of 2007. It was a day trip from New York with a couple of friends, and I met there another friend, someone who knew the place much better than I did.

Admittedly, a maiden voyage to any northern track ideally shouldn’t happen in the middle of winter. But off I went, eager to experience a new track, and as days at the track go, it was fine. The restaurant was comfortable, the day was gray, the physical plant in transition.  I think that maybe the paddock wasn’t fully functional, and neither was the sound system, and there might not have been any tote boards. I probably lost money. But it was a day at the races, and you know what they say about that.

I checked it off my list, headed north, and didn’t make any immediate plans to return.

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