A Christmas Wishlist for Maryland Racing

As 2017 draws to a close, the face of Maryland racing continues to change. New stallions have arrived to stand in the state; the flagship is no longer historic Pimlico, but a rejuvenated Laurel Park; Thoroughbred retirement has become an official program supported by an industry-wide partnership.

By nearly every indicator, Maryland racing is heading into the right direction as the calendar gets ready to turn to 2018. But as the people who make the racing happen get ready for Christmas, finishing up their shopping, travelling to family, wrapping presents, we asked what they would like Santa to leave under their racing tree this holiday season.

Continue reading at The Racing Biz to see what Tom Bowman, Sal Sinatra, Lacey Gaudet, Sabrina Moore, Kim Clark, and Dave Rodman want Santa to leave under Maryland racing’s tree.

Photo credit: Silar via Wikimedia. Used with permission.

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