Monday morning quick picks

Following, a collection of random thoughts, all of which has at least some tangential relation to horse racing, even if it is not immediately apparent.

On a menu in Lexington, listed under imported beers: Sam Adams.

The Garden District, New Orleans: doesn’t every neighborhood need one of these?

That old hockey and horse racing connection: Eugene Melnyk, Belmont Child Care Center benefactor, owner of Flower Alley, Speightstown, and more recently, Gemswick Park, winner of last weekend’s Old Hat at Gulfstream, discussing his other sporting venture, the Ottawa Senators, vows that his team will not only make the playoffs, but finish in the top four in the conference. The Senators are currently fourteenth out of fifteen teams in the east, and 29th out of 30 teams in the league.

Update alert: new Brooklyn Backstretch info:, and, e-mail address at left: All old addresses will continue to work for the time being, but please update.

A word on handicapping—and yes, serious handicappers, feel free to tune out. Please note the new NYRA banner at the top of the page advertising the NYRA YouTube channel and, among other features, Trips and Traps, recently referred to by Jessica Chapel at Railbird as her “fave handicapping show.”

Just one thought: Andy Serling of Trips and Traps and I both hit the exacta in the feature on Saturday. He spent hours handicapping the race; I spent less than a minute. Week on week, his ROI is unquestionably better than mine…but when you factor in time…maybe not?

And finally, please welcome a multitude of TBA members, representing a myriad of regions, interests, and countries:

For handicapping, check out:

Chalk Eating Weasel
Amateur Capper
Turk and the Little Turk

For an international racing perspective, check out:

Keiblog Racing (Japan)
Gallop France
Triple Dead Heat (Canada)
Pull the Pocket (Canada)
Go Girl Racing (Philippines)

For regional writing in the United States, check out:

Mary Forney (California)
Michigan-Bred Claimer

And Thoroughbred Brief keeps us updated and informed on legal issues in racing.

We’ve welcomed a lot of new folks lately, so if I have inadvertently left you off…apologies and please let me know…

3 thoughts on “Monday morning quick picks

  1. Melnyk can make all the claims he wants, but in the end, all will once again bow to the mighty Red Wings (come on, after the Lions’ season I need something to gloat about).Also, thanks for the linkage.

  2. You’re welcome to both of you…but mibred–watch that trash-talkin’ on the site of this Rangers season ticket holder!

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