4th of July Quick Picks

A few thoughts before heading out to celebrate Independence Day at beautiful Belmont Park.

Widely noted this week was the pensioning of Rahy at Three Chimneys in Lexington. Ed DeRosa wrote about it in Thoroughbred Times and reflected on it at his Big Event Blog.

A number of years ago, I brought my friend Jessica to Saratoga for the first time; both English teachers and Anglophiles, we’d become friends while teaching in London. She knew nothing of horse racing and like many before her on their first trip to the track, she picked names that she liked, and Sir Walter Rahy (Rahy – Madam Sandie) was one of them, fancied for its English and literary associations. I think that he won that day, though I can’t be sure. I put him in my stable mail and kept track of his career, until one day his name stopped showing up; turns out that he broke down in 2006 in a race in Florida.

I will also always be rather fond of Rahy because, as I tweeted recently, he is one of the few beings I’ve seen copulate live, when I visited Three Chimneys in March of 2007. Given his–reluctance, shall we say?—I suppose it’s no surprise that he’s putting life as a stud behind him.

In other news: back in action on Saturday Sunday at Belmont is Phone Jazz, the filly who earned her fifteen minutes of fame when she threw jockey Jean-Luc Samyn recently and scampered off to win the race, which was then highlighted on both ESPN and Pardon The Interruption. Samyn rides again today.

Though I am not much for holiday rituals, one of my favorite things about Independence Day is hearing the National Public Radio crew read the Declaration of Independence. They’ve been doing it for 21 years, and it stops me in my tracks each time I hear it. At nearly nine minutes long, it’s a commitment, but a worthwhile one.

Happy Fourth, everyone–

3 thoughts on “4th of July Quick Picks

  1. Happy 4th of July to you Teresa. We were at Belmont yestersay and had a wonderful time. I was live in the P4 when the downpour came and was upset they took the 10th off the Turf. But I got beat by Jazzy who paid $51 w/Garcia up, so it became a mute point of concern. I was glad to learn in Bossert's column today the rules on P6 and P4 tickets when they make a change like that. At least the pay on all, if you are lucky enough to still be standing.I like the Chief's horse, Masala in the Dwyer.

  2. Damn, I should have listened to your cats! :)Too bad Cat Moves had to be coupled with Light Green (same owner, different trainers), as she would have paid significantly more. Hope the kittens are feeling better.

  3. And a happy belate 4th to you, too! It was a gorgeous day at Belmont (details to be posted a bit later), and like you, I found Bossert's wagering education in the paper very helpful, if utterly nonsensical. Val: Just killer about the odds on Cat Moves. Not fair!Kittens are feeling much better–but hey, winning always makes you feel better!

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