Mark Hennig Remembers Superstorm Sandy, at Belmont and Beyond

On the last weekend of October a year ago, Thoroughbred trainer Mark Hennig and his wife Rosemary were on their way home from Florida. They’d heard about the impending storm heading towards their New York home, but they weren’t particularly concerned.

“We were just due to come back that day,” Hennig said this week at Belmont Park, where he keeps horses year-round. “We didn’t come back thinking, ‘Oh my God, we better get home.’”

The storm had bypassed the Fort Lauderdale area without doing much damage, and as the couple and their children settled down on October 29 of last year, they thought they were in for a similar experience. Rosemary had family in Broad Channel and Rockaway, directly on the water, but they were veterans of prepping for storms. At home in Garden City on Long Island, the Hennigs heard some tree branches cracking, but that was about it.

“We tried to get Rose’s family to come out and stay with us,” said Mark, but they had refused, a decision they would later regret.

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