Meet Maggie Wolfendale (Morley)

She is one of the faces of New York racing, on-screen every racing day, in the paddock pre-race offering analysis of horses’ appearance, in the winner’s circle post-race interviewing happy connections.

But the woman so closely identified with the tracks on the NYRA circuit is a product of generations of mid-Atlantic racing, and she didn’t even make her first trip to Saratoga until nine years ago.

2015spadiary“I came here with an ex-boyfriend who was from here,” explained Maggie Wolfendale, sitting in her office deep inside the Saratoga grandstand. “We came up here for vacation, and I immediately fell in love with it. I thought it was the best place on earth.”

Then she corrects herself.

“Or at least, the best place in America.”

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Photo credit: NYRA/Adam Coglianese. But it’s not his fault the top of the image gets cropped…for that, we can place the blame squarely on WordPress. Apologies for how stupid it looks, but there’s no fix that I’ve been able to find.

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