Charity League Round 2: Add Your Horses!

It’s that time: time to try to bolster your lead or make a move on the leader by adding a couple of horses to your charity league stable.

Last week Cindy Reid regained the lead after ceding it briefly to 2014 winner and 2015 runner-up John Perotti in a dead-heat with turf writer and first-year player Karen Johnson. Johnson and Perotti slipped to second and third respectively, with Gary Quill joining Perotti in third.  Please don’t ask where in the standings I’m hanging out these days. (Leaderboard)

As indicated when we got started last month, you can now add one Group D and one Group E horse to your stable.

You can find the leaderboard, the stable lists, and the horse groupings. Your stables need to be updated by this Friday at 6pm Eastern time. Please post your picks in the comments below.

Click here if you need to check your stable.

The Group D and E horses are listed in our Google doc, but for your convenience:

Mohayemen and Junior Alvarardo win the Remsen.

Mohaymen and Junior Alvarardo win the Remsen.

Group D:  Mohaymen, Destin, Gun Runner, Cupid, Danzing Candy, Shagaf, Mor Spirit, Nyquist, Zulu, Whitmore, Greenpointcrusader, Mo Tom.

Group E:  Laoban, Forevamo, Exaggerator, Outwork, Flexibility, Brody’s Cause, Sunny Ridge, Swipe, Fellowship, Adventist, Collected, Suddenbreakingnews, Discreetness, Frank Conversation, Riker, Creator, Star Hill, Uncle Lino, Vorticity, Rated R Superstar, Kasseopia, Awesome Speed, Cherry Wine, Toews On Ice plus all others not placed in Groups D and E.

To those who have pledged: I’ll e-mail you separately with details about how to pay. Some options:  You can wait until we have a winner and send me a check that’s made out to the charity’s name, so that I can send all the checks in together; you can also send me a blank check now (if you’re comfortable doing that) and I’ll fill in the charity’s name later. This way, you know where the money goes, and you get the tax deduction.

Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail (contact info here) with any questions…Good luck!

42 thoughts on “Charity League Round 2: Add Your Horses!

  1. Additional stable additions sent via e-mail:

    Mark Hennig: Destin, Collected

    Mike: Mo Tom, Suddenbreakingnews

    Jesse Hearin: Mo Tom, Outwork

    Updated Friday, 5:28 pm

    Terri Stephens: Destin, Exaggerator

  2. Not that it matters (I’m still no where near the leader) but I don’t think I got points added to my score for Gun Runner in the LA Derby. I added him in Round 2?

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