Different Paths, Same Destination

Bobby Ribaudo, courtesy NYRA
Rick Schosberg, courtesy NYRA

For the first time in a few decades, trainers Rick Schosberg and Bobby Ribaudo are working side by side again.

Stabled together on the Saratoga backstretch, the two have between them more than 70 years of training experience. They’ve worked alongside the greats of the sport, like Allen Jerkens, Woody Stephens, and Sid Watters, and they’ve watched the sport change from the intimacy of small stables to the era of supertrainers.

“Even if you put our barns together, we’d still be small trainers,” said Schosberg.

Their backgrounds couldn’t be more different. The son of a banker, politician, and Thoroughbred breeder, Schosberg grew up on farms in Virginia and New York. The son of a bar owner, Ribaudo grew up in Brooklyn.

Schosberg attended Cornell, earning a degree in applied economics concentrating on animal science and equine studies. Ribaudo had no interest in higher education, heading to the racetrack as soon as he could after high school.

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