Friday morning quick picks

Congratulations to Dana at Green but Game and Superterrific Stables for winning our version of the Take Ten! Derby fantasy game. Full standings are not up, but Dana leads our group, finishing 27th overall. Dana thus gets to choose the equine charity to which I’ll donate $150 in her name. I pledged an original $50, and the other league members chipped in to raise the donation. Thanks to everyone for playing and for contributing.

Just one question: How can a Derby fantasy game end before the Derby?

Bombs away at Belmont! Nice opening week so far, with eleven of eighteen races returning double-digit prices, including a $66 winner on Wednesday and a $38.60 opener on Thursday. No Pick Six winners yet, but Madison and Floyd did get their first winner in weeks.

A couple of personal favorites opened the Belmont meet on Wednesday with less than impressive performances, with both Duchess of Rokeby and Irish Blast turning in rare clunkers, especially in the latter’s case. In this his sixth start, he finished worse than second for the first time.

I am likely the only racing blogger on the planet who’s not focusing on the Kentucky Derby–not sure why I’m having a hard time being inspired. Maybe it’s because the emphasis on Dutrow makes me queasy; maybe it’s because no horse has captured my imagination; maybe it’s because I’ve been out of town a lot and focused on racing elsewhere. Plus, my fellow TBA bloggers are covering the Derby from a variety of angles, and you can find pretty much whatever you want in their writing.

Oh, yeah, and there’s another thing that’s rather absorbing me at the moment:

We fight on…

Photo from the New York Rangers website

2 thoughts on “Friday morning quick picks

  1. What?!? When did that happen? I was like next to last or something last time I checked… wow!I agree, shouldn’t the Derby be part of the game?

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